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Authenticity, the absorption of truth, and a rejection of binary thought inform Leffler's artistic pursuits. Her aim is to activate the inquisitive mind of the viewer and to generate dynamic conversation on a given toping over an extended period of time. Leffler's work often implements the scientific method, anatomical imagery and biological narratives.

2011 - MFA - Printmaking (Distinction) Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh, Scotland

2008 - BFA - Expanded Media (Honors) University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas

Leffler currently lives and works in Minneapolis, MN.












Roen Room Gallery
University of Minnesota
January 2016


Banfill-Locke Center for Arts
Fridley, MN
February 2017

Exhibition at the culmination of Artist in Residence:
September 2015 - March 2017











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Tongue of the Soul | 18x24" | February 2015


Procession with Worldy Belongings | 22x30" | January 2015


Agro Agoraphobia: I Don't Do Crowds | 22x30" | February 2015